Our Mission

Check out our FoVea video detailing our mission, created for the 2017  #NSFINCLUDES Envisioning Impact Video Showcase!

We are happy to note that since making this video, three more highly deserving women have won the VSS Young Investigator Award: Janneke F.M. Jehee in 2017, Melissa Le-Hoa Võ in 2018, and Talia Konkle in 2019

Organizing Committee

Diane Beck

Mary Peterson

Charisse Pickron

Karen Schloss

Allison Sekuler

Advisory Board

Jan Atkinson

Marisa Carrasco

Emily Cooper

Jodie Davies-Thompson

Ione Fine

Mary Hayhoe

Lynne Kiorpes

Eileen Kowler

Ana Radonjic

Ruth Rosenholtz

Preeti Verghese

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